time out

hi friends!

i'm sure you all have noticed that i've been on bit of a hiatus of sorts lately. sorry about that! i'm taking a break from delightfully kiki "the blog" for a little while. but don't you worry, i'll be back soon with a new look AND address - oooo la la!! in the meantime, you can always follow me on twitter for my daily musings and finds. you my tweets here: http://twitter.com/delightfulkiki

be back soon!!!!

my dog...most mornings

well, let's be honest - pretty much all day. sweet dreams chicken!

seahorses forever

who comes up with this stuff and why do i watch?

from the world of tristan prettyman (love her!).

sausage, snow, & bubbles

okay, enough with the snow. and that's all i have to say about that. :)

let's warm up to a quick tour of a few "cool" hits from the net:
  • nerd alert! sure, there, there are gloves that help you access your iphone in the cold and snow...but what about sausage??
  • apparently, my northern kinfolk have never heard of snow cream. well y'all, it's a southern-thing. if you don't believe me, just ask paula deen!
  • what do you do while you're snowed in AND it's valentine's weekend? enjoy a little bubbly, that's what! might i suggest something that tastes top-notch and it's $ friendly - gruet blanc de noirs. sooooo yummy!!
  • if you're thinking of doing some cooking this weekend for your sweetie, you're not gonna find any better recipes than those in thomas keller's newest book - ad hoc at home. (finally got my holiday back ordered copy! thanks, richard!) and if you're not familiar with keller's ad hoc concept - go here.
  • and some chill music to play us out...airplanes by local natives


Local Natives | MySpace Music Videos

funky/folky friday!

i am simply loving these cats - carolina chocolate drops. check out this cover of blu cantrell's "hit 'em up style."

good stuff!!!

"i thought there was going to be chocolate"

it's a gray day here in the northeast so here are a few sunny sites and videos to brighten your weekend!

  • coffee. perfect for a gloomy day. and as much as i love going out for a good cup 'o joe, i wouldn't mind giving the guys at gocoffeego.com a shot. it's kinda like netflix for coffee and their list of roasters is amazing!!
  • if your looking for a laugh (or maybe just a chuckle) and you love mustaches, bread, and niagara falls, then i've found the site for you! ladies and gentleman, i give you selleckwaterfallsandwich.com. you're welcome. :)
  • more funny!! one of my favorite scenes from parks and recreation so far this season...
  • and we need a little sunny music for a midwinter day, right?

and that's it for today! cheers!

and i'm baaaaaaack!

and let's start with a laugh. between this and the "ricky gervais show" on hbo, my winter is looking a little bit brighter. :)